0xcert Quarterly Report - Q3, Q4 2019

0xcert Quarterly Report - Q3, Q4 2019

The second half of 2019 was packed with major announcements and releases on both the business and technical sides. Now that we have achieved the development milestones outlined in the whitepaper, future updates will be communicated in our news section, social media, and other channels rather than in quarterly reports. Subscribe to our newsletter in the footer below to get updates delivered straight to your inbox!


Framework 2.0
Version 2.0 beta of the 0xcert dapp-building framework is now live. Dubbed Aragorn, in this release we’ve expanded atomic order functionality, streamlined asset certification, optimized existing functions, and more. Read our post for a more detailed overview, or dive straight into the new documentation.

0xcert API
Soon after Framework 2.0, we released the 0xcert API, designed to make it easier than ever for businesses and organizations to quickly integrate blockchain technology. The 0xcert API is the core of our business model.

Bug Bounty
Our ongoing bug bounty now applies to Framework 2.0. Check out how our bug bounty program works and get started reviewing the nearly 300 commits in Framework 2.0.

In December we released Evidenspace, a tool for issuing and managing unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. More than 50 pilot projects are already being developed on the platform.

ERC721 Scanner
In order to focus on the development of features more central to the 0xcert mission, we will not be continuing work on our ERC721 Scanner project, which we took to the alpha stage in 2018. There are currently many projects like nonfungible.com and Etherscan that are working toward such a solution, so our intention is to seek out a strategic alliance rather than build it completely ourselves.

As a surprise Christmas gift to the community, we released the ERC721 verifier, which enables users to check an asset’s validity, check its ownership, and inspect its content and metadata with just a few clicks. We are currently working on an extended version of this tool.

ERC721 Update
The Solidity version of the ERC721 reference implementation, written and maintained by 0xert, has been updated to 0.6.x. Revert messages have also been added.

Identity Dapp
We developed a version of an identity dapp to handle KYC for the 0xcert ICO, which was the first time an NFT played a central role in a decentralized identity solution. Because of the complexity involved, we will not be dedicating further resources to this project. We will continue following the efforts of major players tackling the problem of digital and self-sovereign identity, such as the EU and W3C, and will integrate their solutions when feasible.

Issuer Verification Registry
Due to the still-experimental nature of token curated registries and a lack of interest, we are postponing our implementation of the Issuer Verification Registry. As with the identity dapp, we will continue to follow global developments, and we are looking at other forms of staking for more immediate implementation.


ZXC Integration Into Wanchain
ZXC has joined bitcoin, ether, and 9 other coins as its next supported cross-chain ERC-20 token.

Tokens.net Listing
ZXC will be listed on the Tokens.net exchange in Q1 2020.

With the launch of Credentify, powered by 0xcert and previously known as Academia, universities can now issue micro-credentials in the form of ERC-721 tokens that can be stacked into the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System.

0xcert Labs
0xcert Labs, which we initially launched to develop open-source tools for the developer community, has expanded into a consultancy group using our expertise to advise other projects and partners on the business and technology of blockchain.



Innovation IT Sprint Hackathon
We recently sponsored the Innovation IT Sprint hackathon presented by the Slovenian Post, where participants developed projects using tools from Microsoft, Oracle, and, of course, 0xcert.


With the release of Framework 2.0 and the 0xcert API, we have significantly upgraded our technical documentation.

0xcert Token Economy
We published an overview of ZXC tokens, dapp tokens, and how they fit into the 0xcert token economy.

0xcert.org Homepage
The 0xcert homepage was overdue for a makeover, putting it more in line with our current development progress.


The Non-Fungible Alliance
The Non-Fungible Alliance, the platform we launched to bring the NFT world together, continues to grow. The latest members include NovaToken, Chain Clash, Wombat Wallet, Thiess Consulting, and Connie Digital.


  • Big Four professional services firm EY is using our official ERC-721 reference implementation in their zero-knowledge proof blockchain transaction technology Nightfall. We created an enhanced fork of Nightfall to enable certifiable and interoperable transactions.
  • We have successfully integrated the 0xcert Framework into Wanchain.
  • We added support for the Bitski wallet.
  • We partnered with the Jožef Stefan Institute, the largest research institute in Slovenia, to launch 0xcert-powered Credentify.

2019 was a landmark year, both for 0xcert and for the wider blockchain and non-fungible world. In 2020, we’re looking forward to delivering even more awesome developer tools and products and growing 0xcert together with our community.