World Blockchain Forum in Dubai first-hand

World Blockchain Forum in Dubai first-hand

Recap of our visit at World Blockchain Forum in Dubai

0xcert CEO Jure Zih talking with Blockchain News Korea at 0xcert booth at World Blockchain Forum in Dubai.

In April our team attended the World Blockchain Forum in Dubai. We picked yet another excellent event to present 0xcert.

Dr. Moe Levin with Jure Zih, 0xcert CEO.Dr. Moe Levin with Jure Zih, 0xcert CEO.

Dr. Moe Levin, a blockchain pioneer did a great job with the organization of this insightful event with 40 internationally-acclaimed speakers and a lot of side events for networking. With reported attendance of 2,000 bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts, innovators and investors it was a great opportunity to meet with (potential) partners and investors, make news friends and supporters, and share knowledge.

There was never a dull moment at the 0xcert booth. We talked to as many people as we possibly could.

Among others we had a very fruitful discussion with Wanchain, with Dustin and Etienne.

Our 0xcert team with Dustin Byington and Entiënne vantKruys from WanchainOur 0xcert team with Dustin Byington and Entiënne vantKruys from Wanchain

Wanchain announced the WANLab at the WBF conference, the blockchain accelerator focused on projects building in the Wanchain Ecosystem. Similar to traditional start-up accelerators it will provide mentorship, resources and support but focused on the unique needs of blockchain companies.

The feedback we receive is priceless — people telling us what they could do with 0xcert to aid their projects in various areas such as health, security, finance, to name a few.

We are actively developing new partnerships and Dubai was the opportunity to meet some of them. There are a few we can already talk about and some others we will disclose in the coming months.

Wealthman will use 0xcert platform for KYC procedures. Being a marketplace for the building of trustless wealth management services, Wealthman pushes for the increased security and transparency of investment process. Thus 0xcert’s technological know-how fits in Wealthman project seamlessly.

We discussed partnership with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences which is planning to launch a certified program for blockchain later this year and they are also interested in using Academia for issuing certificates on the blockchain.

And of course the buzz around 0xcert at the event did not go unnoticed by investors. We had numerous conversations with them.

Our team sporting 0xcert T-shirts no doubt helped our visibility 🙂.

In coming weeks we are continuing with our plans for the Road Show. The next week we shall be returning to Dubai to Futurama event and going to EdCon in Toronto.