The 0xcert Roadshow: London and New York City

The 0xcert Roadshow: London and New York City

The air miles are clocking up but the jet lag is not affecting us too much, at least with the help of spellcheck, it should not be too visible.

So London Town and Gotham were our destinations on this leg of the roadshow. With both requiring us to get on stage and talk about all the work the people back in the office are doing. Ok we cheated a little as we sent some fresh legs out this time to accompany our CEO and Head of Community.

Our Social Media Manager and our Community Manager (not a pancake maker, just in case you were wondering) were on the plane.



We will not say if this is how the new roadshowers travel but...let’s just say you get to know a person if you are on a plane with them for a number of hours.

Enough of being funny, what about the events!

So the events were World Blockchain Forum in NYC and CogX in London. Our Head of Community, Community Manager and Social Media manager were repping us at WBF, while our CEO was head honcho’ing it alone in London.

World Blockchain Forum

We start with NYC, well because it has a better nickname, Gotham is just too cool.

This was one of the first big events we have been to that has had so many people knowledgeable about ERC721 and Non Fungible Tokens. This lead to a lot of good conversations about how the future of the “chain” is going to look.

Just like last time in NYC, we had got interviewed, actually, that is a lie, we did 5 interviews

Interview with the

We met Dan from (a great guy!)

We had a great chat with Vanessa Grellet from Consensys

Remember that this is all just day one

We pitched on stage and took part in a panel discussion focused around data and AI with Michael Hathway from Windmill, Vlad Tereshkov from BitFence, Sky Guo from Cypherium and Oleg Sharpatiy from W12.

The pitch really piqued the interest.

And we pitched and had a really really good time

What makes 0xcert stand out?

Well there are a number of things, and at each event, it seem that a different thing grabs the imagination of the crowd. This time it was the KYC dapp that we will be launching simultaneously on the 0xcert protocol. Actually, the whole topic of identity dominated the first day.

Day 2 was similar but a little slower paced, breakneck speed is hard to maintain.
We spent it generally solidifying the contacts we had made and setting up the next leg of the Roadshow.


Well, you are all wondering what the nickname is for London, right? Well, a short Google later and The Big Smoke, now we know.

Tokenazing Non-fungible Assets panel

This was hosted by Chris Burniske and the panel was made up of Robert Norton Verisart, Charlie Noyes Pantera Capital and of course Jure Zih, CEO of 0xcert.

A nice little extra info.

Our CEO was interviewed by about how we are going to make blockchain easy. Read the full interview here

The 0xcert Roadshow continues

We are going to be in Berlin this weekend at Berghain, just kidding, we are going to be a guest speaker at a NFT meet up. We will be talking about “Standardization of the decentralised digital ownership”.

Be sure to join us at BlueYard and we would be happy to discuss what we are up to in further depth over a drink.

Just register here as places are limited