0xcert's SwapMarket in Dorothy Dapp Store

0xcert's SwapMarket in Dorothy Dapp Store

Are you into decentralized apps and would like to browse them all in one spot, even on the go? Read further!

One of our first UI-included projects, the SwapMarket platform, has been featured as a new partner of Dorothy, the first universal dapp store by EdenChain.

Dorothy, the next-gen mobile store for dapps

EdenChain's Dorothy has launched just a few weeks ago and has already amassed hundreds of dapps in their registry. This contemporary store's primary goal is to provide users with a flawless experience of all dapps on the market, and doing so for either of the underlying blockchain networks and all supported cryptocurrencies.

This leads us to a term we at 0xcert can relate to, as well - Dorothy is platform/blockchain-agnostic, and we believe inclusiveness will pave the way to mass adoption of dapps. And since we advocate the empowerment of dapp developers, we are sure they will leverage this inter-chain platform to reach to new users for their dapps.

To provide the dapp users with flexibility and choice, Dorothy provides its own multi-currency payment solution and an integrated wallet for asset management. This enables them an access to the whole range of dapps with just a simple, one-step sign in through Dorothy's Identity Service.

While the dapp market already offers several stores and dapp marketplaces, Dorothy stands out with dapp rankings, reviews, and curated lists - much like the iOS's App Store or the Google Play Store. If you are proficient in navigating those, you won't get lost with Dorothy, either.

Looking into the guts of Dorothy, you can find a complex interconnected ecosystem built on three essential pillars:

  • Dorothy as a universal dapp store - a one-step login and you're in,
  • A Multi-currency Payment Solution - more power to the user,
  • And an integrated wallet with asset management - all of your digital goodies in one spot.

So, if you're into playing, discovering, and transacting via the latest dapps on the market, Dorothy is definitely your go-to mobile platform, as it literally puts the world of dapps into your pocket.

The work accomplished with Dorothy has been incredible so far, and we applaud the EdenChain team for having pulled it off so well.

SwapMarket on Dorothy

0xcert's SwapMarket, the first decentralized platform for atomic swaps of unique crypto-collectibles, has been originally built as a web, not mobile app.

Now, thanks to the inclusion of SwapMarket in the Dorothy dapp registry, our platform is now available to a new scope of dapp users that prefer mobile experiences.

SwapMarket on Dorothy has just launched, so it's still lacking reviews and ranking. But it doesn't need to be that way - sign up on Dorothy with just a few clicks, try it out and give feedback!

Dapps browsed easy

Find out more about Dorothy and its mission to add its share to the development and adoption of the decentralized application while supporting sustainable blockchain-based trade globally.

Or, experience its super friendly UI and browse the latest dapps on the market, anywhere you are. Surely, you'll love it as much as we do.

See you there for some swaps!