Thank you note from 0xcert CEO

Thank you note from 0xcert CEO

Dear 0xcert’ers,

Thank you so much for all your support, this is the best community we could have ever hoped for and we are so happy to say that the

Crowdsale is now sold out!

This has been a marathon long sprint and today only the first part is finished. Tomorrow the next round of hard work starts, delivering!

We have already shown how good our KYC token based on the ERC-721 protocol works and we are working amazingly hard to get the Academia dapp moving forward as fast as we can.

Have a look at our recent news for an update on amazing new milestones we have achieved and projects we partake in.

I will write a longer thank you in our newsletter with more details about how this all started and the journey itself, but I want to thank the entire 0xcert team, first.

This team - what can you say? This is the most highly motivated, energetic and can-do set of people that I have every had the honor to work with.

They gelled so quickly that it was as if they were running the project telepathically.

Thank you, 0xcert people!