Tokens, Lambos, and Blockchain, oh my!

Tokens, Lambos, and Blockchain, oh my!

Consensus day 1

Consensus 2018, around 7700 participants in one of the biggest most well known events of the year hosted by Coindesk.

What better place to be than the Big Apple and in MidTown around the corner from the famous hater Jamie Dimon to talk shop with some of the top people in the Crypto world.

NYC and the 0xcert team

We had a great interview in Rockefeller Center with Craig Cobb, to which the irony of the location was not lost on us, more on that later. John D Rockefeller was once the richest person on the earth, and the aura can still be felt among the hustle and bustle of the New Yorkers frantically going about their day.

We are also getting closer to some of the most interesting projects with the goal to add them to the platforms with which we are compatible with. Not much meat on that bone but it is a definitive watch this space.

A New York minute

Well, we were going for 14 hours, 840 of those suckers can take it out of you, but it also means the day shot passed with us achieving a lot of our goals and leaves us fresh for round 2.

Bring it on and let’s do this!

To all our readers and followers, if you like the 0xcert project and feel there is someone you want us to meet will, don’t be shy reach out.

Day 2 and Day 3

Wow, the jet lag means we are going to make this quick but don’t worry it will be information rich :)

Advisor power

Introductions without stop, until our hands hurt from shaking hands. Moe Levin made some great intros that will have a lot of impact on the next phase and should also help build the community. This had a nice snowball effect and lead to more and more intros.

0xcert team with Michael Suppo (Suppoman) and Michael Gu (Boxmining)0xcert team with Michael Suppo (Suppoman) and Michael Gu (Boxmining)

We also had the chance to catch up with some contacts made at other events and further solidify plans to cooperate in the near future.

The main highlight — Interview at Rockefeller Center

Yes you read the title right, in front of 30 Rock, our CEO Jure Zih was interviewed for TraderCobb by the main man himself, Craig Cobb.

Just watch the video and let it sink in.

Side events and evening parties

This happened and NYC is a great place for an afterparty!

Ok, we will give you more…We went to the small but active and energizing NFT meetup where the next wave of the blockchain revolution was being discussed. We know that ERC721 is the driving force of this revolution and that is amazing. Next year at consensus we predict that this will be a major focal point of the event.

It was a little surreal to be sitting in New York and with this small group of people ahead of the curve who are going to change the world. Such an unassuming bunch of superheros. Thanks for having us Bruno Larvol.

But not to forget about the other non-fungible guys from the conference, CryptoCarz! Thanks for having us at the booth and letting us play around with the amazing VR headset. The cars look awesome!

Notice how we didn’t talk about the other parties? This is because though they were amazing and filled with important people, it was the meetup that was the eye opener. We know we are doing something great but it is great to have company on the epic journey.