0xcert at Wanchain 2.0. and Wanlabs London

0xcert at Wanchain 2.0. and Wanlabs London

Wanchain 2.0 London recap and future outlook

0xcert was invited to join the Wanchain 2.0 event in London, to present the project and discuss the future of blockchain and application possibilities with some of the leading players in the industry. Our CEO Jure Zih and CCO Urban Osvald gladly confirmed attendance at the amazing venue of The Clubhouse, at the event that brought together various projects building on and partnering with Wanlab, as well as some of the most influential people in blockchain and crypto world.

Jack Lu, Wanchain CEO, hold the keynote speech introducing the company, Wanchain 2.0 and future steps for Wanchain. The evening continued with project pitches, since Wanchain is aiming at developing a complete ecosystem of projects building on it, with the goal of extending and improving their global user adoption.

The crucial role in this ecosystem is played by WanLab, blockchain incubator under the Wanchain roof, offering a whole range of systems fueling the next generation of promising blockhain startups, from providing funding and legal support, to marketing projects' MVPs, building their adopting community and increasing the product's market value. Projects leveraging Wanlab's support include Abacus, AllSpart, CryptoCurve, Freedium, Intellos, and several others.

Wanchain 0xcertified

0xcert Protocol, presented by CEO Jure Zih, gained great interest among the Wanchain audience, especially when combining the idea of deploying non-fungible tokens and unique assets with what Wanchain infrastructure has to offer. After starting building on Ethereum blockchain, 0xcert is now setting foot onto opening up a non-fungible dimension to Wanchain, as well.

We successfully made use of the ERC-721 standard for NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain within 0xcert Protocol. Now, we are not only bringing the NFTs to Wanchain, but also creating and developing the underlying non-fungible standard for it, making the standard Wanchain-native. Its nature is as unique as its working name, UniqueWan.

It's official!

Even though 0xcert signed a written agreement to build a strategic alliance with Wanchain a few days ago already, we finally got the live handshake of both CEOs, Jack Lu of Wanchain and Jure Zih of 0xcert. The deal is now sealed!

Joining forces with Wanchain brings not only benefits in product development and technical advancement, but such networking events among Wanchain partners, projects, and developers also provide insightful debates and visionary use cases, from supply chain to pharmaceuticals and beyond. The future is here and we are looking forward to supporting it with 0xcert Protocol.