WBF London Recap

WBF London Recap

Another day, another WBF behind us. Our CSO Urban and Marketing Manager Petra just got back from London and delivered some new insights from one of the biggest global events in blockchain space.

Day 1

The venue, impressive in its own right, is an appropriate starting point for this recap, as well. The Old Billingsgate, an important landmark of London overlooking the Tower Bridge, was an excellent choice by the organizers to make the blockchain crowd feel the spirit of time. It was history, hosting the future.

0xcert's booth was installed on the underground level, neighboring other participating projects and making room for the speakers and their ideas in the grand hall above.

Moe Levin, the CEO at Keynote and host of WBF, was very helpful and connecting as always, and with his support, looking for and meeting the right people was even more fruitful.

Even though this edition of WBF was not aimed specifically at NFTs, we still managed to find and talk with brilliant minds interested in non-fungibility, and to discover new, unprecedented non-fungible use cases. Even to us, some application ideas were just previously unheard-of.

Our booth was not exactly in the main spotlight, however, Urban and Petra still managed to connect with a significant number of visitors curious about NFTs and 0xcert. Needless to say, 0xcert t-shirts were "selling" out fast, as well.

Non-fungibility and 0xcert protocol also attracted different media and journalists. Among others, New Kids on the Blockchain interviewed Urban about the 0xcert protocol and his vision of the future blockchain applications.

Day 2

As it usually happens at events of such scale and structure, the second day was a bit more relaxed and grounded.

Nevertheless, we still made a new share of great connections for non-fungible discussions. This could also be due to the fact that 0xcert was the sole NFT-related project at the event, which funneled a higher concentration of non-fungible enthusiasts to our corner.

Overall impression was that - compared to a few months ago - there is an increasing expansion of not only general awareness but also serious interest in non-fungible tokens and the ERC-721 standard. This surely is an encouraging signal for 0xcert and other non-fungible projects, especially so in the current bear market.

That said, there is a lot more to be done in regards to real-life implementations, and the overall blockchain atmosphere is still waiting for a new kick. But once it happens, non-fungibility and related projects will steal the spotlight, again.

We're already getting ready for the next event, and you should, too!