0xcert’s ZXC token integrated on Wanchain for cross-chain capability

0xcert’s ZXC token integrated on Wanchain for cross-chain capability

Today marks an important milestone as the ZXC token becomes integrated on the Wanchain network as the next cross-chain ERC-20 token.

ZXC will be in good company with 11 other coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and well-known projects like MakerDAO. You can check the full list on Wanscan.

Jack Lu, Wanchain CEO:

"0xcert is one of the leading open source protocols developing NFTs. We look forward to collaborating further with the future deployment of public and private cross-chain NFTs."

0xcert and Wanchain

Our team has successfully integrated the open-source 0xcert Framework with the Wanchain network this year. To provide a nice developer experience, the code was documented within the Framework documentation and accompanied by a six-part tutorial series. The primary purpose was to equip the Wanchain developer community with powerful tools that enable simplified dapp building and, in turn, drive adoption.

Non-fungible tokens have now found their way into the Wanchain ecosystem, opening up the floodgates for an ever-increasing number of use cases. In this effort, the 0xcert utility token, ZXC, is an integral part of the 0xcert technology ecosystem.

Ensuring cross-chain compatibility is an essential step towards widespread adoption. Interoperability, on the other hand, is vital for future-proofing not just our base technological infrastructure but creating long-term sustainability of the ZXC utility token, as well.

Kristijan Sedlak, 0xcert CEO:

“I am thrilled that the partnership with Wanchian is becoming stronger and stronger. Having ZXC on the Wanchain network paves the way to a multitude of cross-chain possibilities in the future!”


Launched in January 2018, Wanchain is a blockchain platform that connects isolated blockchain networks to enable decentralized transactions between them. Wanchain 3.0 was launched as the third major product release in their first year as a company, to bridge the Ethereum blockchain to Bitcoin, along with several ERC-20 tokens (Dai, MKR, LINK, LRC, among others). In 2019, Wanchain has delivered several new blockchain integrations, new ERC-20 integrations, their own Proof of Stake solution, and enterprise blockchain integration. Also, they are actively working on a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX).

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