Use cases


The areas that employ certificates often face massive overhead, low efficiency, and in some cases even fraud. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can introduce new systems that are trustless and completely reduce friction (middleman, high costs, slow handling, etc.).

NFTs can represent various certificates, ranging from ISO certificates to car insurance certificates, even academic credentials. These can then be used to build new systems for certifying institutions or improve the existing ones, like cross-border student mobility and verification of academic credentials.

Since blockchain and NFTs have an inherent feature of immutability and complete trackability, we can imagine fighting fraudulent credentials as an ideal use case. Credentialing within MOOCs and CPD program, software licensing as well as paywalls can significantly benefit from NFTs and become completely frictionless or even introduce secondary markets.

Example implementation

The Academia by 0xcert project is bridging the gap between traditional brick and mortar educational institutions and the blockchain tech by implementing allowing for management of academic credentials as non-fungible assets.

Example implementation of the 0xcert Framework for the purpose of certification: