Use cases


Crypto collectibles are the most prevalent and well-known use case for NFTs at the moment, popularized by CryptoKitties. Collectibles can range from simple to highly complex which involve licensing deals with clubs, leagues or brands (NFL, NBA, FIFA, Manchester United, Star Wars, Disney, etc.).

There are different models where we can apply collectibles. They can represent in-game items (like a sword in an MMORPG) or players within a fantasy football game. Collectibles from the real world can also move to the digital with their virtual representation in the form of an NFT.

High-value assets can introduce fractional ownership or new trading schemes among crypto collectors such as leasing, renting, and decentralized swapping.

Example implementation

The newly released 0xcert Framework supports the issuing and swapping of non-fungible assets and ERC-20 tokens. Our SwapMarket will be our first implementation of a decentralized atomic operation between assets.

Following is an example of atomic order implementation built on the 0xcert Framework: