Use cases

Tickets and coupons

Just as in some of the previous cases (art, collectibles), the provenance and ownership of goods provenance can be highly significant. The supply chain is an industry that could greatly benefit from transparent trackability.

Not only consumable goods, but also event memorabilia, tickets, and coupons stored as NFTs can provide more authentic track records and data about connected identities. Not only such NFTs allow for more straightforward and more reliable verification of their origin, but they can also become assets tradable on the blockchain.

Loyalty schemes and event memorabilia such as signed tickets acquire a specific value connected directly to their owner and issuer. When a user owns such an asset in the form of an NFT, all of the related values and benefits become transferrable to a new beneficiary.

Example implementation

The example implementation of our 0xcert Framework may help you develop new possibilities for managing your assets: