ZXC utility token

ZXC Utility Token

ZXC utility tokens (fungible ERC-20 tokens) are native utility tokens of the 0xcert protocol and actively used in 0xcert dapps.
Charts show token price for the last 24 hours (source: CMC).
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Token name: 0xcert
Token sign: ZXC
Token address: 0x83e2BE8d114F9661221384B3a50d24B96a5653F5
Total supply of tokens: 500,000,000 (fixed, no future minting)
Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20 (fungible)
Type: Utility token
For more about the ZXC token's utility see the 0xcert Whitepaper, page 34, and check the charts on CoinMarketCap

Token Distribution

The ZXC tokens distributed during the ICO differ in their lock-up period. The Founders, Team and Advisors have tokens locked-up for different periods. The buyers of ZXC do not have tokens locked-up.

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